About Us

Avid trendsetter, Sawida Rahman, also known as Styles, has created a fashion haven of modern edge with a kiss of feminine flair. This company's unique designs, vibrant colors, and timeless bold textures guarantees new fashion experiences for all willing to explore. Sincerely Styles meets the demand for pieces of simplicity, and closet must haves at an affordable price. Each garment will give buyers the attitude and confidence a lady desires, true essentials of every season. Styles has been heavily influenced by fashion Capitals, New York City, Paris, and London, but assures Sincerely Styles will introduce a new vision to the marketplace.


 " I love fashion... from the drawing board to the sales floor. A great outfit can change your mood, and really give you an uplifting spirit. Every girl wants to get dressed, feel great, and turn a few heads, without spending their life savings. Exemplifying your own personality and style shouldn't be an option, but a necessity. Every style has its story. It's up to you to embrace yours and tell it thru fashion. Be bold, be you, be sincere! "


-------- Sawida Rahman---------Styles

            Sincerely Styles, CEO